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How to open a beauty salon

"Everything you need to know so you can open and manage a beauty salon."
My name is Jimmy Richardson and I own and manage a six figure salon in north Texas called Bladez Barber and Beauty Salon. I created this site to show aspiring cosmetologist around the country how to open there own hair salon. I was like many of you when I first started, searching the web looking for answers and really just found a bunch of sites trying to sell me something. When I opened my first salon, I didnt have a lot of money or knowledge, I just knew I wanted to own my own business and I wanted to be a success! I was tired of working for salon owners and tired of changing salons when things were not going right for me. Starting over , loosing clientele and really just being governed by someone else who in my eyes, wasnt doing a good job as an owner really got old! This site is my complete story of what I did right and what I did wrong. I discuss everything in the site from how to sign your lease and the real estate language that you need to be familiar with. To the building permits that you will need or not need to obtain. I show you how and were to go to file for your "Certificate of Occupancy" and how to avoid scams with credit card processors! There is a lot of information that you need to kind of soak up before you jump out there. Kind of like a pre requisite for a college course. I promise you I will save you a lot of time and money and give you a broad foundation of the how to's in opening your own beauty salon. I thanks for logging onto my website, Own my own beauty salon.com My name is Jimmy Richardson and I own a barber and beauty salon in North Texas called "Bladez barber and beauty Salon". My shop has seven barbers five stylist and a braider and I make around $10,000.00 dollars a month from booth rent, consulting, membership fees, online products such as this one, and my own personell clientel of 250 regular clients. I am a marketing major and web design and graphic designer by trade and love business. My product "Owners Manual Vol 2." is just that, an instructiol manual in the form of an easy to follow website to show you from start to finish on how to create, market and manage a your own succesful beauty salon that will make you a ton of cash! Before you purchase a product like this you need to make sure the seller is qualified! Who am I, why should you pay for advice from me? If your asking that about me you need to be asking the same questions to some of the other so called "Open my own beauty salon experts"! I see alot of people selling in formation about opening your own beauty salon, with one problem, theres no beauty salon tthat was opened. Where are there websites? What is there physical address so that I can get serviced? What is there phone number to the shop they opened? my name is Jimmy Richardson my shops are located at 7367 Ederville Rd Ft Worth, Tx 76112 and 1100 Bridgewood Dr ste 119 Fort Worth, Tx 76112. Our phone number is (817) 451 3554 and we have a host of websites that make the shop around $2,500 a month from walkins based on "Key Words" that the users are searching for. I know what I am doing! I am qualifed to consult because I have to much money and time invested in this not to! If you want to say "I own my own beauty salon" make a small investment in your business and a solid start to your future and let me show you the do's and don'ts to this business. Remember, Whenever you get something new and you need help operating it always read the "Owners Manual"!

Openining your own beauty salon is not hard.
The hard part is opened my own beauty salon.


open start a beauty salon

Openining your own beauty salon is not hard. The hard part is opened my own beauty salon. The "Owners Manual Vol 2" is broken into around twelve sections or twelve pages. No giberish about hi tek vocabulary that you need a Maasters degree to understand. Just to the point straight answers of everything you need to do to get your beauty salon up and running! Below are the sections that the site is broken into so that you know first hand about what it is your buying! I have always heard since I was a kid "It's not what you know it's who you know". In this case, your going to know me and exactly what I know so your in a win win situation. Opening your own beauty salon is scary! Your thinking can I really do this? I don't know the first thing about the first thing. Man thats a tongue twister! There are definetly alot of questions that you need to answer before investing a lot of money into your own beauty salon. Where Am I going to get the money for my salon? Do I want a partner? Where is the best location? How do I pass a City inspection? You need to know how to get through a building inspection to recievce a "Certificate of Occupancy".Do I want to do a dual shop, men and women and how much extra will that cost me? How do I choose my building and does parking matter? How do I negotiate a lease with my landlord? Everything you need to know is right here! I will hold your hand from start to finish and get your shop off the ground. Where do I get my stylist from? How do i advertise on a shoe string budget and get results. What situations will occur dealing with the public? Don't even think about going in tho this thing blind purchase access to my secured site and find out today how easy it is start your own beauty salon!

My name is Jimmy Richardson, and I have created this website to help inspiring cosmetologist who want to truly be independent and want to know how to open there own beauty salon.

Where is the funding coming from? The first thing you need to think about is money. How much of your own money do you have right now that you can invest? How much money can you put with that money from other sources to give you a grand total of all your liquid resources. Next how much money can you come up with in the next 60 days that you hav'nt already accounted for. This will give you a realistic figure of how much cash you have to work with over the next two months to get this thing off the ground. Second how much available credit do you have on your credit cards right now! Are you in the position to apply for new credit cards to extend your available credit. Who do you bank with? How long have you banked with them? Is your account in good standing with them so that you can apply for a small business loan through your bank. Do you have any items around the house that you can sell to raise capital? Grants? It's possible that you may qualify for a small micro grant to help out with the funding not to just pay for everything. Do you have family members that might pay you money today for services that you will provide in the future. I have several more ways to come up with funding in "The Owners Manual Vol 2" and I go into detail about some of the ways described here. .

Opening or starting a beauty salon is work. But i want to start a beautysalon not just open a beauty salon. Whenever opening a beauty salon save money!


starting a beauty salon is hard work! opening a beauty salon is difficult too!

Ar Be honest beauty salon owner did you?

The cosmetologist owned my own beauty salon!
When I opened my own beauty salon help from a partner was not even in the cards for me. I had already had a bad expierence with a couple of other business ventures to know that didn't work for me. I don't want to discourage you from this if there are to of you opening the beauty salon, but be aware. Friendships are lost over two things, men and money. Also when your trying to go one direction and the other party envolved want to go another direction, push and pull will occur and you will go nowhere fast! Limited liability partners, silent partners, and investors whould be my advice if you don't want to open your own beauty salon by your self. In this section of the manual I will discuss the pros and cons of each, and how I was able to establish beneficial partnerships that did'nt effect me as the sole owner of my own beauty salon.
Opening the beauty salon late that night!
I started opening my own beauty salon when I was thirty one. I owned my own beauty salon for a long time.
opening a beauty salon and starting a beauty salon are very simple! Hair care industry

I'm finished building, the hard part is behind me now I'm just sitting back enjoying the fruits of my labor,follow my direction, and with as little money and time as possible you to without a doubt will be saying"I own my own beauty salon too". I have taken my program to owning your own beauty salon and broke it down into ten categories.From the first "where is the funding coming from" to the last "paying taxes". I will show you what forms to file and who to let file them!

How do you open a beauty salon? Starting a beauty salon is not very difficult at all. The first thing you do to open a hair salon is work!I asked myself a question over and over how do you open a


how do you plan on opening a hair salon,and why? cosmetology

The first thing you have to know before you make an investment is how much capital you have to work with. For me I only used $2,500 bucks and two credit cards and that was enough to build a Barber and Salon with nine barber stations and a salon with two stylist stations. Your wants or desires might be greater or smaller you have to decide. Now lets be practical, if you don't have any money, your credit is terrible and you don't have a cosmetology license but you want to own your own beauty salon the road ahead of you will be a little tough but I can get you through it. I can show you how to make money with the money that you do have.

I can show you how to build your credit so that you can qualify for loans, a credit business account or even your lease. If you truly want to know how to own a beauty salon you are in the right place! I can show you how to dispute credit inaccuracies and build credit up through secured credit cards and secured loans from your bank. If possible and I don't know if you qualify, but there are grants at the state and federal level that will also make it possible to provide funding to open a beauty salon and I will show in depth of what options are available to you.


When I chose the location for my beauty salon, the first thing that I liked is that it was in a shopping center. Not your typical shopping center, the shopping center is big and sits in the middle of a middle class commerce area of some pretty busy streets surrounded by businesses. Ive seen the setup every were, and to me that is an ideal location. Think about it, in a shopping center middle of a commerce area, corner of two busy streets, surrounded by businesses perfect. Now, what about the building itself. Does it cater to men and women. Something that you would think was a small problem could really pose a huge threat to growth. Want to see some locations that you think would be a great space but really a waste of money and time I will show you.

I started opening my own beauty salons a long time ago but now starting my own beauty salon is more important!


If there is one area in this beauty salon buying process that is more important than another it is this one, "Negotiating with the Broker". Now this is were you want to demonstrate your professionalism. This really is the only person that stands in your way! You want to talk to them proper, business like, like you have done this before and with the up most respect. There are a few terms that you need to know that they might throw at you to see if you half way know what your doing.You might have to qualify with your FICO credit score to lease from them. You might require first and last months rent. All of these things are negotiable depending on the mood that you put them in when you talk to them. The agent will have some tricks up his sleeve, because he represents the buildings owner and not you! Let me explain to you what "Triple Net" means and how Landlords try to raise rents after you sign your lease using "Adjusted Tax Statements". I will show you how they tried that crap on me and what I did! How to start my own beauty salon ? owning a beauty salon in the hair care field is easy!!!

Everything is negotiable, it doesn't matter what they want for the rent its about what you are willing to pay! My landlord was advertising $2,400.00 per mo. you think he got it,think again. I have been buying and selling my whole life and this is were my experience payed off and I will show you how to get the best bang for your buck, I promise you that! Not only did I not have alot of start up capital, I'm cheap too.How do you open a barbershop? Starting a barbershop is not very difficult at all.The first thing you do to open a barbershop is pray! I wanted to start up a barbershop for a long time!


open a barbershop? Starting a barbershop is do to open a barbershop is pray!

O.k congratulations! You have successfully located, negotiated and taken possession of a space for your own beauty salon, now its time to turn this space into a thriving beauty salon thats going to pay you dividends for years. But the first thing you need to do is get the power turned on! In order for you to turn the electric on to your own beauty salon you need to file for your Certificate of Occupancy. But wait don't you do it! Unless you want to spend a bunch of money that you don't have on permits that you don't need.

Starting my own beauty salon for the first time?
If you are not convinced that I can save you a ton of money by now this is the time to pay attention.I have a little secret that I wasn't told. When I got the keys to my own beauty salon I raced as fast I could to file for my C.O and when I did all hell broke loose! Let me save you a ton of cash and point you in the right direction to were you are suppose to go to get your C.O. and how to handle the city inspectors because they will be coming.How do you open your own salon? Starting a beauty salon is not very difficult at all.


By this point you are passed the city's inspectors and your power is on. You are standing in the front door of your beauty salon looking at what is to become your baby, all your dreams of owning your own beauty salon are finally true, but one problem, there is no shop only an empty space that you have the keys for and nobody even knows you are there. First thing first is preparing the building for the beauty salon. Alot of people that open there own beauty salon just move right on in without prep work at all to the inside of your own beauty salon.

I have a list of ten things that are a must to prep your building. I will give you the first one. Bomb the inside of the building with bug foggers! Please before you do anything just kill off the insects that have made there home there because of tenants prior, or due to a long period of vacancy. opening a barber shop How do you open or start a barbershop? It's not hard to open a barbershop and be a good.


opening a beauty salon How do you open or start a beauty salon? hair stylist

I'm skipping through alot of information because unfortunately I don't want to just give it away. I broke the site into topics to kind or cover a little bit of information that's covered in the "Owner's Manual Vol 1". Before you go to a Beauty supply store to try to put together the interior of your beauty salon let me show you what I did. Its so important to make your beauty salon look like more than just a beauty salon.

You need to create an environment that you don't have to try to sale. You want your own beauty salon to sell itself! You want people to walk in and say "This is a really nice beauty salon, yea I'll be back". Every beauty salon doesn't get this response, but I guaranty you your beauty salon will.

Staring your own beauty salonis very important!


owning your own beauty salons very key!

Good cosmetologist are more important than good customers believe it or not. Good cosmetologist will bring the customers to your beauty salon. How are you going to get your hair stylist? Do you know any other hair stylist that are going to start with you? To have a good start you want to have at least three good hair stylist paying rent or commision? When I opened my beauty salon it was just me and a guy named Twin. Now its me and eleven other people six stylist and five barbers. I can show you how to fill your stations and get those chairs making money! One way that I talk about in my manual are what about beauty colleges. Ever try taking your literature to a beauty college and telling the owner of the school your there trying to recruit students for your salon? Good luck that technique never works! I can show you a professional approach to entering the beauty college walking past the owner, and talking directly to the students no joke!

But no really opening your own beauty salon is easy? He opened the beauty salon not me. I started a salon but I sold it! Hair care and owning a beauty salon.


Getting customers to come to your Beauty salon is the key to success! I guess your thinking "Duh" huh, nah repeat customers that is the real key to success. You want to build a clientele based business of loyal people who won't let anyone do their hair but you or someone in your own beauty salon. But how do get these loyal people to come in to your beauty salon? Well you market your beauty salon. Advertising and getting your name in front of somebody that needs a stylist. This business is great, its a cash business for starters. Its your own business for seconds, and nine times out of ten you love doing what you do and that's hair. Everyone needs a stylist and most people get their hair done even if their broke! My internet traffic is so crazy I have thirty five key word web sites and I will show them to you in the manual! I created every website relatively cheap and I will show you how to do it so you can benefit too!!

Owning a beauty salon in this economy is hard. Opening your own beauty salon is hard too!


Knowing how to open your own beauty salon and pay taxes are two diffrent things. In this section of the site I show you the pro's and con's to filing your taxes and letting a pro file them. What forms that you need to file and who to to file them with. I also will give you the name of who I use because he is to awesome!!!

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